We had an American themed day at Square One to celebrate our next incentive holiday (all expenses paid) to The Big Apple -New York City!


It was a fun packed day full of activities such as Beer Pong, Hot Dog eating competitions and fancy dress – all sales and operations employees were involved!

To qualify for the New York trip, consultants will have to either over perform on minimums, be amongst the top billers of new written business for the 6 month period or alternatively get recognised as having done something distinct as a sales person. This allows for newer members of staff to shine and reap the rewards. This can include joining the business and through showing the right attitude and living our values, they manage to start billing in the 1st 6 months of their career with us.

Also, whoever is voted ‘Operations Person of the Year’ will also be rewarded with a trip to New York.

If you are interested in working for Square One Resources, contact: careers@square.co.uk