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Empowering Women in Recruitment

<span>Empowering Women</span> in Recruitment

Recruitment, especially tech recruitment, has been a historically male-dominated sector. However, in recent years there has been a shift in this. As more women and BAME individuals enter the recruitment and tech sector, their voices have grown louder and have begun an essential dialogue in how to best change and improve the recruitment sector to be more inclusive and diverse.

That's where our Women in Recruitment (WiR) initiative shines. Within our team, WiR meets regularly to discuss attracting, developing, and retaining more female talent. In addition to also introducing various ways to ensure that we are committed to gender equality within the business, we look to introduce new protocols or events to celebrate WiR. This initiative is headed up by Ellie Mitchell, HR Advisor & Adam Breacher, CEO.

Meet Our Women in Recruitment Team

Jen Greaves

Senior HR Advisor

Ellie Mitchell

HR Advisor

Adam Breacher


Annie Went

HR Administrator

Ewa Gawlik

Compliance and Reporting Specialist

Maggie Foord

Business Support Manager

Rochelle Bruce

Delivery Consultant

Ellie Murphy

Internal Recruiter

Shannon McGann

Legal Administrator

Dorota Mroz

Senior Legal Advisor

Nicoleta Topor

Senior Delivery Consultant

Melissa Cantoni

Senior Delivery Consultant

Pamela Cueva

Senior Delivery Consultant

Crystal Butler

Compliance and Payments Manager

At Square One, we take equality and diversity seriously, and that’s why the Women in Recruitment (WiR) initiative is supported by all levels of the business. WiR aims to promote and attract female talent into what has historically been a male-dominated sector. We do this by offering the female team members the resources and opportunities to develop successful careers. In fact, all of the women within the HR Team have progressed from junior to senior-level roles. We have come a long way in our 25+ years, as 42% of our team comprises women. We will continue to celebrate and support the women of Square One.

Adam Breacher,

Positive Benefits We Offer WiR

  • CSR Involvement - Tailored Events to Suit All
    CSR Involvement - Tailored Events to Suit All
  • Career Development Opportunities
    Career Development Opportunities
  • Equality and Diversity Training
    Equality and Diversity Training
  • Networking Opportunities
    Networking Opportunities
  • Female Introduction During Interview Process
    Female Introduction During Interview Process
  • Sharing/Publicising Best Practices
    Sharing/Publicising Best Practices
  • Enhanced Maternity Leave
    Enhanced Maternity Leave
  • Quarterly Female Night Outs
    Quarterly Female Night Outs
  • Females Within the HR Function
    Females Within the HR Function
  • Mentoring Scheme
    Mentoring Scheme

WiR Nights Out

In our last Women in Recruitment outing, we all went to Puttshack for some mini-golf, drinks, and a few laughs. It was a great time all around and we can't wait for the next one!

WiR Nights Out
WiR Nights Out
WiR Nights Out
WiR Nights Out
WiR Nights Out

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